WEN MSA750 750-Pound Capacity Miter Saw Stand

Remember when you could adequately support both your miter saw and your workpiece? With the WEN 750-Pound Capacity Miter Saw Stand, you'll have a sturdy and reliable support system for all your sawing needs. The sliding arms extend anywhere from 34 to 69 inches in width, providing support for boards up to 10 feet long. Quick-release brackets tightly lock the miter saw in place for simple installation and adjustments. The powder-coated steel frame prevents corrosion and marring to the body while the heavy-duty design folds into itself for easy transportation and storage between jobs. Adjust the height of the detachable rollers to best match the specific requirements of your project. Both rollers also operate as work stops, helping make consistent and even cuts every time. 
The universal design allows for compatibility with the majority of miter saws on the market, including the entire WEN miter saw series (models 70712, 70716, and 70725). If you want to know whether or not your particular miter saw will fit onto the WEN 750-Pound Capacity Miter Saw Stand, simply measure the distance between the front and back mounting holes. If this distance is less than 15 inches and on a centerline, the stand will fit. And because it's a WEN product, your miter saw stand comes backed by a two year warranty, a nationwide network of skilled service technicians and a friendly customer help line all to make sure you remember WEN.
- Universal design fits nearly every miter saw on the market
- Take on boards up to 10 feet in length and up to 750 pounds in weight
- Extend the support arms anywhere from 34 to 69 inches to support boards up to 10 feet long
- Powder-coated steel design collapses for easy transportation and storage
- Includes two height adjustable rollers, quick-release brackets, two table extensions and a two-year warranty

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