WEN 10165 Multi-Unit Compact Digital 120-Foot Laser Distance Measure with Backlit LED Screen

  • Measure distance, area, and volume from either the base or top of the laser distance measure
  • Backlit LED screen simultaneously displays your last two measurements
  • Easily switch between SAE and metric units with the push of a button (inches, feet, meters)
  • Live measure distances in real time anywhere from 2 inches to 65 feet with 1/8-inch accuracy and from 65 to 120 feet with 1/5-inch accuracy
  • Class II 650 nm, <1 mW laser runs off of two AAA batteries (not included)
Remember when you could collect measurements with laser precision? Find out how far away stuff is with the WEN Laser Distance Measure. This easy-to-use tool comes packed with options, allowing users to calculate lengths, areas, and volumes all with a single device. Powered by the two AAA batteries (not included), gather measurements anywhere from 2 inches to 65 feet with 1/8-inch accuracy and from 65 to 120 feet with 1/5-inch accuracy. Our compact design stores easily in your pocket, making it convenient to bring from job to job. Measure your subject in either meters, inches, or feet depending on your preferences. Simply click once to record your measurement and disengage the laser for safe and accurate readings. The WEN laser distance measure stores and displays your last two readings for easy comparisons. Measurements can be taken from either the base or the top of the unit depending on the mode you choose. For live readings, switch to the continuous measuring mode for real-time measurement collection. The backlit LED display makes the large screen easy to read even in dark rooms. The lightweight 3.5-ounce design combines with the soft-touch lining for comfortable use during long days on the job. Perfect for construction workers, realtors, interior decorators, and more. NOTE: not for use in direct sunlight. This WEN laser measure comes backed by a two-year warranty, a nationwide network of skilled service technicians, and a friendly customer help line all to make sure you remember WEN.

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