WEN 56040 4-Stroke 149cc Two-Speed Jumping Jack Tamping Rammer

Remember when you could pack down loose dirt with ease? Tamp to your heart's content with the WEN Two-Speed Jumping Jack Tamping Rammer. Our powerful 149cc engine creates up to 3150 pounds per square foot of force at a rate of 680 impacts per minute, making easy work out of loose soil, sand, clay, gravel and more. Our onboard lifting hook for crane transport combined with the pre-installed roller handle simplify storage and transportation. Take on jobs at a speed of 33 and 43 feet per minute, with jumping strokes up to 3 inches in size. Perfect for maximum maneuverability in confined areas, such as trench work, landscaping, roadways, asphalt, or backfills (any tight space your plate compactor has trouble navigating). And because its a WEN product, this rammer comes backed by a two-year warranty, a nationwide network of skilled service technicians and a friendly customer help line all to make sure you remember WEN.
- 149cc engine creates up to 680 impacts per minute
- Compaction force of 3150 pounds per square foot 
- Two-speed operation at 33 and 43 feet per minute
- Features an 11.25 x 13.4 inch plate, a 3-inch jumping stroke and a 2.5 L fuel tank
- Backed by a two-year warranty


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