WEN 55201 Magnetic Oil Dipstick for Inverter Generators (compatible with WEN, Yamaha, Predator)

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Remember when you could clean the inside of your generator? The WEN Magnetic Dipstick extends the lifespan of your inverter generator by catching the loose metal filaments that naturally build up inside the oil tank. Simply replace your current dipstick with this heavy duty metal alternative to begin collecting any unwanted metal shards floating around in your oil supply. The industrial-strength magnetic tip catches these deposits, allowing users to remove them from the tank by simply taking out the dipstick, while its rubber seal prevents oil from being spilled during operation and transportation. This dipstick has been specifically designed to fit the WEN 56125i 1250-Watt Inverter Generator, the WEN 56200i 2000-Watt Inverter Generator, the WEN 56225i 2250-Watt Inverter Generator, the WEN 56310i & 56310i-RV 3100-Watt Inverter Generator, and the WEN 56380i 3800-Watt Inverter Generator. However, even though it was constructed with WEN in mind, its universal M18 x 2.5 design also works with the majority of inverter generators on the market, including the Yamaha EF2000iS, Yamaha EF1000iS, Generac IQ2000, and the Predator 2000. Remember when you could maximize the lifespan of your engine? Remember WEN.


  • Preserve your inverter generator by keeping metal out of the engine
  • Industrial-strength magnetic tip collects metal shavings floating in your generator's oil tank
  • Machined to fit the entire WEN Inverter Generator Series
  • Universal design measures in at M18 x 2.5, making it compatible with the majority of inverter generators on the market
  • Fits the WEN 56200i, WEN 56125i, WEN 56310i, WEN 56310i-RV, WEN 56202i, WEN 56380i, WEN 56225i, Yamaha EF2000iS, Yamaha EF1000iS, Generac IQ2000, Powerhorse 42411 and the Predator 2000

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