WEN 33124A 3.5-Inch Quick-Release Vise for Milling Machines, Drill Presses and Workbenches

Remember when you could keep your workpiece nice and secure? Stop your metal from moving with the WEN 3.5-Inch Quick-Release Vise. Perfect for milling machines, this vise comes ready to mount with its included hardware bag (featuring M10-1.5 T-nuts). Heavy-duty industrial-strength steel makes for a reliable and long-lasting vise. Even though this was designed as a milling machine accessory, the universal 1/2-inch mounting brackets make this quick-vise compatible with the vast majority of drill presses and bench tops. Remember when your workpiece stayed still? Remember WEN.
- 4-inch by 1-inch jaws open to a width of 3.5 inches
- Quick release design makes for easy and fast adjustments
- Constructed from heavy-duty industrial-strength steel
- Includes M10-1.5 T-nuts and mounting hardware
- Designed for the WEN 33013 Variable Speed Milling Machine