WEN BB9950 100.75-Inch Woodcutting Bandsaw Blade with 4 TPI and 1/2-Inch Width

  • 100.75-inch length designed for use with the WEN 3966T and 3966 14-Inch Band Saws and other similarly sized band saws
  • Flex back style combines hard teeth with a softer back to maximize the blade’s life span
  • 1/2-inch blade width provides users a minimum cutting radius of 2-1/2 inches
  • Hook-style 4 TPI teeth feature a 10-degree rake angle for a higher cutting rate
  • Modified raker tooth pattern aids in sawdust removal to increase cutting efficiency
Remember when you could make the most reliable cuts? Keep your skills sharp and your cuts clean with a WEN 100.75-Inch Woodcutting Bandsaw Blade. This American-made blade measures in at 100.75 inches (2559 mm) long for compatibility with the WEN 3966T and 3966 14-Inch Band Saws. The flex back design provides users hardened teeth (63 HRC tooth hardness) with a softer back (32 HRC back hardness) to increase flexibility and maximize the blade’s lifespan. This bandsaw blade features a 0.5-inch width, a .025-inch thickness, and 4 teeth per inch (minimum recommended workpiece thickness: 0.75 inch). The hook-style teeth provide a 10-degree rake angle, helping the blade bite into the workpiece for a higher cutting rate. The modified raker tooth pattern aids in sawdust removal during operation to increase cutting efficiency. Remember when your bandsaw blade cut like new? Remember WEN.