WEN 10457 25 x 50 x 75 mm Steel-Hardened Metric Precision 123 Blocks, Two Pack

  • Perfect for machinists, woodworkers, metalworkers, and more
  • Each block measures 75 by 50 by 25 millimeters in size
  • Features 5 threaded M10-1.5 holes and 18 unthreaded holes
  • Calibrate equipment, space workpieces, or collect exact measurements
  • Includes a set of two metric 1-2-3 blocks
Remember when you could calibrate equipment, space workpieces, and collect exact measurements all with one tool? Maximize accuracy with the WEN Metric 1-2-3 Blocks. With one side measuring exactly 25 mm, one side at exactly 50 mm, and a third side at exactly 75 mm, you’ll be able to ensure accuracy on every project. Made from heavy-duty hardened steel, the WEN Metric 1-2-3 Blocks have been machined to be perfectly square, with 23 holes (5 of which feature M10-1.5 threads) for bolting, drilling, hammering, or whatever else you need them for. This pack comes as a set of two, allowing the blocks to be easily combined in different configurations. Remember when you could have faith in your measurements? Remember WEN.