WEN ME144L 12-Inch Aluminum Combination Square with Bubble Level

  • Features a sliding rational dimension head with both 90 and 45 degree faces
  • Included bubble level allows users to double check their workpieces
  • Sturdy aluminum alloy construction provides a durable long-lasting straight edge
  • Easy-to-read laser-engraved markings maximize accuracy without fading over time
  • Includes dual-sided imperial (12 inch) and metric (300 mm) scales
Remember when you had all the right angles? Make uniform marks and alignments with the WEN 12-Inch Combi Square. This versatile CNC-machined tool provides users an easy-to-read ruler, a precision square, a reliable straightedge, a depth gauge, a scriber, a level, and more. The laser-etched scale includes both metric and imperial markings to meet the demands of any application. The spring-loaded bolt and knurled nut make adjusting the head easy, but also lock it down tight for a sturdy, reliable square. The rational dimension head slides easily back and forth, helping measure both 90 degree and 45 degree angles with ease. Sturdy aluminum alloy construction provides a durable, long-lasting straight edge, while the laser-etched markings maximize precision and prevent fading. With a WEN Combi Square, the possibilities are endless. Remember when you had a tool that did it all? Remember WEN.

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