WEN TL16S 16-Inch Mid-Century Modern Raw Steel Hairpin Table Legs, 1/2" Diameter, Set of 4

Remember when you could build your own furniture? Forget about buying a used and busted table from some back alley furniture dealer. Now you can make your own with this four pack of mid-century modern table legs from WEN. Each leg is made from double-welded, reinforced steel, providing maximum support to your surface of choice. Simply choose a type of wood, shape it into the table of your dreams, and attach as many legs as you want. Each leg features four pre-drilled holes for easy and quick installation. The two-rod hair pin design utilizes heavy duty 1/2-inch diameter steel, helping you to create a reliable and sturdy final project. Perfect for round night stands or giant dining room tables. Practical, decorative, and easy-to-install, a self-made table serves as both a functional addition to any home as well as a fun talk piece for your soirees and dinner parties. WEN has been empowering and enabling woodworkers and makers for years, helping you to create and execute your wildest woodworking fantasies. In this scenario, your wild fantasies are a cool table. Remember when you built something yourself? Remember WEN.
- Build your own table for a fun, functional and aesthetically pleasing DIY project
- Two-rod hairpin design perfect for a mid-century modern aesthetic
- 1/2-inch diameter double-welded reinforced steel provides maximum support
- Each leg features four pre-drilled holes for easy installation to the surface of your choice
- Includes four 16-inch table legs with a ready-to-paint raw steel finish
- Great for nightstands, dinner tables, coffee tables, end tables and more

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