WEN 65910SP240 240-Grit 10-Inch Pre-Cut Ready-to-Wrap Drum Sander Sandpaper, 4-Pack

Remember when you had to smooth out those boards by hand? Put those days behind you with a 4 pack of WEN 240-Grit Drum Sander Sandpaper. Simply wrap this around your 10-Inch Drum Sander to create a smooth and precise finish on your workpieces. Our pre-cut sandpaper measures in at 3-1/4 inches wide and 62-1/2 inches in length, allowing it to wrap perfectly around the WEN 65910 10-Inch Drum Sander's sanding drum (sanding drum on unit measures in at 5-1/8 inches in diameter and 10-1/4 inches in width). And even though this ready-to-wrap four pack was created with WEN in mind, the universal design allows for compatibility with the majority of 10-inch drum sanders on the market. Remember when you could get your boards nice and even? Remember WEN.
- Includes 4 pieces of ready-to-wrap 240-grit sandpaper
- Measures in at 3-1/4 inches in length and 62-1/2 inches in width
- Perfectly wraps around 5-1/8-inch by 10-1/4-inch sanding drums 
- Made with the WEN 65910 10-Inch Drum Sander in mind
- Universal design fits the majority of 10-inch drum sanders on the market