WEN 9SD240 240-Grit Adhesive-Backed 9-Inch Disc Sandpaper, 10-Pack

Remember when the surface of your wood had a nice and smooth finish? The WEN 240-Grit 9-Inch Disc Sandpaper package includes ten pieces of high-quality sandpaper designed to fit with the WEN 6509 6 x 48 in. Belt and 9 in. Disc Sander. The reliable self-stick backing provides an adhesive surface sturdy enough to stay attached during heavy-duty sanding operations. And although this is designed to fit with WEN 9-inch Disc sander, the universal fit allows for use with any 9-inch disc sander. Deburr, restore and smooth the edges and surfaces of your woodworking projects with the WEN 240-Grit 9-Inch Disc Sandpaper. Remember when your sandpaper provided maximum performance on woods, metals, and plastics? Remember WEN.
- Includes ten pieces of 240-grit sanding discs
- Designed to fit the WEN 6509 6 x 48 in. Belt and 9 in. Disc Sander
- Attack wood, plastic, metal or a variety of other surface materials
- Strong adhesive backing won't detach during operation
- Perfect for detail work and fine sanding