WEN 36027-2P 27.5-Inch Track Saw Track Guide Rail (2 Pack)

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Remember when you could keep your saw on the straight and narrow? The WEN 27.5-Inch Track Saw Track Two Pack provides the perfect support for your WEN 36055 Track Saw. Simply line the track along the preferred cut and get to slicing. Features an adapter to attach the two tracks together as well as a sawdust-controlling rubber lip to minimize clean-up and stop the dust from flying back at the user. The adapter includes four set screws, allowing for maximum stability during operation. Simply clamp the guide rail to your preferred workpiece to make straight and precise cuts over 4.5 feet in length. Remember when you could saw perfectly straight? Remember WEN.
- Includes two 27.5 inch track saw tracks and an adapter for attaching them together
- Make straight and precise cuts over 4.5 feet in length
- Rubber lining controls sawdust during operation, preventing it from flying back in the users face
- Adapter features four set screws for maximum stability
- Designed to fit the WEN 36055 Track Saw