WEN 414CV 4.25-Inch Compound Cross Slide Industrial Strength Benchtop and Drill Press Vise

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Remember when you could make fine-tune adjustments with the simple turn of a wheel? The WEN 4.25-Inch Cross Vise provides stable support for your workpieces. Perfect for incremental drilling and other precision work. Attach it to your bench top, your drill press, your work table and more. Made from heavy duty powder-coated cast iron, the WEN Cross Vise grips tightly onto your workpieces, providing over 1900 pounds of clamping force. The 4.25 by 1.25 jaws open up to 4.125 inches wide. Make minor adjustments along either axis with the onboard hand wheels. Each hand wheel features machined 0.1 mm increments, each full turn representing 3 mm of travel. The vise moves a full 5.8 inches (148 mm) along the x-axis and 6 inches along the y-axis (150 mm), making it the perfect companion for woodworkers and metalworkers alike. The fixed jaw features a V-shaped groove to hold round objects either vertically or horizontally while the removable handles help users easily install the vise into tight spaces. With five 1/2-inch mounting brackets positioned around the outside edge of the vise's base, the WEN Cross Vise is compatible with the majority of drill press tables on the market (including the WEN 4210, 4212, 4214, 4225, and 4227 drill presses). And because it's a WEN product, your cross vise comes backed by a two-year warranty, a nationwide network of skilled service technicians and a friendly customer help line all to make sure you remember WEN.
- 4.25 by 1.25 inch jaws open up to 4.125 inches wide
- Constructed of industrial-strength powder-coated cast iron
- Hand wheels feature machine-marked 0.1 mm increments for maximum precision
- Jaws travel 5.8 inches left and right and 6 inches front and back
- Universal design compatible with the majority of drill presses on the market (see images for base dimensions)

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