WEN ME360P Aluminum Miter Saw Bevel Gauge and Corner Angle Finder for Woodworking

  • Allows for easy replication of internal custom angles
  • Manually measure angles anywhere from 10 to 170 degrees
  • Perfect for wood, brick, tile, stone, laminate, crown molding, and more
  • Laser-etched degree markings maximize accuracy without fading over time
  • Sturdy aluminum alloy construction provides a durable long-lasting straight edge
Remember when you could easily replicate the angles of your corners? The WEN Angle Finder allows you to easily copy angles onto your workpiece. Simply loosen the locking nut and slide the rounded end into your desired corner. The ruler will display the corner’s angle, allowing you to lock the bevel gauge in place for easy replication onto your workpiece. The laser-etched degree and ruler markings maximize accuracy during operation while the sturdy aluminum construction provides a reliable straight edge that won’t bend or warp. Remember when you had the perfect tool for the job? Remember WEN.

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