WEN 6010A41 Applicator Bonnet Pack 6 Inch Terry Cloth


WEN Products has a rich history of producing car care items. WEN is proud to have designed and produced power tools since 1951, and in fact, WEN pioneered the random orbit technology that is in use in virtually all waxers today. These bonnets fit all 6 inch waxers. Each package contains 2 bonnets that are made with 100-Percent cotton and designed to be extra soft. These applicator bonnets are vinyl backed and are designed to apply wax quickly and evenly. Make sure to use specially designed bonnets, so you won't damage your car's finish.

- Contains two 100-Percent Cotton Vinyl Backed Bonnets for Applying Wax Quickly and Evenly
- Extra Soft and Safe-Will Not Damage Finish
- Fits All 6" Bonnet-Ready Car Polishers
- Designed for WEN 6010 6-Inch Waxer/Polisher


NOTE - the 6018 WEN Vortex requires polishing pads, not bonnets. This item can be found under item number 6018-053

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