WEN DB291A 29-Piece Gold Oxide HSS Drill Bit Set with Carrying Case


Remember when you could drill through any material? The WEN 29-Piece Gold Oxide Drill Bits provide variety and versatility for all your drilling needs. Gold oxide finish maximizes the lifespan of your bits by fighting rust, corrosion, and heat damage. The 135-degree split points limit slips and walking during operation. Sizes range from 1/16 to 1/2 of an inch in 1/64-inch increments. The round shank creates a sturdy grip for drill chucks, allowing you to make clean holes in metals, woods, plastics, and more. Includes a compact carrying case for convenient storage and transport. Remember when you had the exact drill bit for the job? Remember WEN.

- Gold oxide finish resists heat while fighting rust and corrosion

- 135-degree split point minimizes walking and slips

- Sizes range from 1/16 to 1/2 of an inch in 1/64-inch increments

- Perfect accessory for drill presses and power drills

- Works on metals, woods, plastics, and more

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