WEN 21C Electric Engraver 13-Watt

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Electric Engraver Kit

Remember when you could write on anything? With the WEN Electric Engraver Kit, you don't have to stop at paper. The 13-watt motor and tungsten carbide tip etches on metal, glass, wood, ceramic, plastic and leather. The variable stroke adjustment allows for heavy or fine precise engraving, allowing for a truly customized and clean look. This purchase also includes letter, number and symbol stencils to make simple designs while engraving. And because it's a WEN product, your purchase comes backed by a two-year warranty, a friendly customer service help line, and a nationwide network of skilled technicians. Remember when you could engrave wood, glass, metal and plastic? Remember WEN.


  • Ideal for precision engraving in metal, glass, wood, plastic, ceramic, and leather
  • Stroke adjustment dial controls engraving depth
  • Soft grip provides better comfort and handling
  • Protect any valuables

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