WEN JN014D 1/4-Inch Wooden Doweling Kit with Drill Bit, Stop Collar, and Fluted Birch Wood Dowels

  • Great for creating sturdy joints in woodworking projects, furniture repair, and more
  • 1/4-inch titanium-nitride-coated brad-point drill bit creates perfectly-sized dowel holes
  • Adjustable stop collar helps to create holes of a specific depth
  • Two dowel hole center points make for easy board mating and alignment
  • Includes 12 FSC-certified 1.2 by 1/4-inch fluted birch dowels
Remember when you had sturdy joints? Maximize the strength of your woodworking projects with a WEN Wood Doweling Kit. This kit includes everything needed to drill and install 1/4-inch wooden dowels. Simply set the stop collar on the titanium-nitride-coated brad-point drill bit to your preferred depth for the perfect hole. The two 1/4-inch dowel hole center points simplify alignment between two edges for accurate mating. Comprised of compressed birch wood, the 12 included dowels measure in at 1.2 inches in length by 1/4 inches in diameter. Our unique, fluted design expands on contact with water-based glues for maximum reinforcement within your joints. Perfect for joining wood, squaring edges, and maximizing joint strength. These FSC-certified dowels come from responsibly managed forests, limiting their environmental impact.

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