WEN 36053C Track Saw Clamps (Two-Pack)

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Remember when your track saw's guide rail clung tightly to your workpiece? Keep your saw on the straight and narrow with this two pack of WEN Track Saw Clamps. Simply slide the end of the f-clamp into the matching slot of the track to prevent sliding and slipping during sawing operations. The spacious 2.3-inch throat fits on workpieces up to 6 inches in thickness. Both clamps feature quick release buttons for easy detachment and installation. Our easy-to-use squeeze handles maximize the grip of the clamps, allowing for one handed set-up and breakdown. And even though these clamps were designed with the WEN 36055 Track Saw guide rails in mind, their universal fit is compatible with the majority of track saws tracks on the market (.45 by .195 inch bar). Remember when you could run your track saw safely and accurately? Remember WEN.
- Includes two 6-inch F-clamps with .45 by .195 inch bars and a 2.3-inch throat
- Quick release buttons make for easy installation and removal
- Squeeze grip triggers help provide maximum security and support during operation
- Compatible with the WEN 36055 Track Saw
- NOTE: this item is NOT compatible with the WEN CT1065 Track Saw

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