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WEN Handyman Q-K0006 Dishwasher Rack Adjuster Kit (OEM part number W10350376)

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  • Fix it yourself with a WEN Handyman replacement part
  • Guaranteed to replace any of the following part numbers: AP5272176, PS3497383, W10350376, and more
  • Compatible with a variety of different brands, including Whirlpool, Kenmore, and more
  • Make your dishwasher run like new again
  • Refer to description for additional compatibility information
Remember when you could fix it yourself? The WEN Handyman replacement part series provides reliable after-market parts for all your favorite appliances. This dishwasher rack adjuster kit (OEM part number W10350376) has been designed to fit multiple brands, including Whirlpool, Kenmore and more. Guaranteed to replace any of the following part numbers: AP5272176, PS3497383, W10350376, W10712394, AP5956100, PS10064063, W10238418, W10253546, W10712394VP, KUDE40FXBL3 to 5, KUDE40FXBT3 to 5, KUDE40FXPA1 or 3 or 4, KUDE40FXSP3 to 5, KUDE20FXBL4 KUDE20FXSS4 KUDE20FXWH4 KUDE20IXBL3 KUDE20IXBL6 KUDE20IXBL8 KUDS30SXBL2 to 4, KUDS30SXBL8 KUDS30SXSS2 to 4, KUDS30SXSS8 KUDS30SXWH2 to 4, KUDS30SXWH8 KUDE20IXSS3 or 6, 7 or 8, KUDE20IXWH3 KUDE20IXWH6 KUDE20IXWH8 KUDE40FXPA6 KUDE40FXSS5 KUDE40FXWH5 KUDS30IXBL4 KUDS30IXBL6 to 8, KUDS30IXBT4 to 8, KUDS30IXSS4 to 8, KUDS30HXSS0 KUDE40FXSS3 to 4, KUDE40FXWH3 to 4, KUDS30FXPA3 to 8, KUDS30CXBL7 KUDS30CXBL4 to 7, KUDS30CXSS4 to 7, KUDS30CXWH4 to 7, KUDS30CXWH7 KUDS30IXWH4 KUDS30IXWH6 to 7, KUDS30FXBL3 to 4, KUDS30FXSS3 to 4, KUDS30FXWH3 to 4, KUDS35FXBL3 to 4, KUDS30FXBL8 KUDS30FXSS8 KUDS30FXWH8 KUDS30IXWH8 KUDS35FXBL8 KUDS35FXSS8 KUDS35FXWH8 KUDE20FXBL0 KUDE20FXSS0 KUDE20FXWH0 KUDE20IXBL0 KUDE20IXSS0 KUDE20IXWH0 KUDE40FXBL0 KUDE40FXBT0 KUDE40FXSP0 KUDE40FXSS0 KUDE40FXWH0 KUDE50CXSS0 KUDS30CXBL0 KUDS30CXSS0 KUDS30CXWH0 KUDS30FXBL0 66515042K110 and others ending in K110, 66513962K011and others ending in K011, 66513962K012 and others ending in K012, 66513962K013 and others ending in K013, 66513963K010 and others ending in K010, 66513042K113 66513042K114 6513042K115 66513042K116 JDB3650AWF3JDB3650AWF4 JDB3650AWF5 JDB3650AWR0 KUDE20FXWH3 KUDE20FXWH4 KUDE20IXBL0 KUDE20IXBL1 KUDS35FBBL0 to 1, KUDS35FBSS0 to 1, KUDS35FBWH0 KUDS35FBWH1 KUDS35FXBL5 KUDS35FXBL8 KUDS30IXSS6 to 8, KUDS30IXBT6 to 8, KUDS30IBBL0 KUDS30IBBL1 KUDS30IBBT0 KUDS30IBBT1 KUDS30IBSS0 to 1, KUDS30IBWH0 KUDS30IBWH1 KUDS30IXBL6 to 8, KUDS30FXSS5 KUDS30FXSS8 KUDS30FXPA8 KUDS30FXSS1 to 4, KUDS30FXWH1 to 4, KUDS30HXSS0 KUDS30IXBL0 to 4, KUDS30IXBT0 to 4, KUDS30IXSS0 to 4, KUDS30IXWH0 to 4, KUDS30SXBL0 to 3, KUDS30SXSS0 to 3, KUDS30SXWH0 to 3, KUDS35FXBL0 to 4, KUDS35FXSS0 to 4, KUDS35FXWH0 to 4, KUDE20IXBL6 KUDE20IXBL8 to 9, KUDE20IXSS6 KUDE20IXSS8 to 9, KUDE20IXWH6 KUDE20IXWH8 to 9, KUDE40FXBL5 to 6, KUDE40FXBT5 to 6, KUDE40FXPA6 KUDE40FXSP5 KUDE40FXSS5 to 6. Make your dishwasher run like new again. Get the most out of your appliances with a WEN Handyman replacement part. Remember when you could repair it all on your own? Remember WEN.

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