WEN 23006 Two-Speed Cordless Rotary Tool Kit with 10-Piece Accessory Set

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NOTE: This item has been discontinued. Please check out model 23072 for an alternative rotary tool.

  • Set yourself free with cordless battery-powered operation (AA batteries sold separately)
  • Versatile tool cuts, sands, polishes, drills, carves, etches, deburrs and more
  • Two-speed dial allows for operation from 7,000 to 14,000 RPM
  • Lightweight design weighs in at a mere 0.6 pounds to limit fatigue during operation
  • Includes a collet (1/8”), 2 sanding bands, 2 grinding stone bits, and 2 diamond-coated bits, a sanding drum mandrel, a nylon wire brush, a HSS cutter, and a 2-in-1 wrench
Remember when your rotary tool had to be bound to an electrical outlet? Now, with the WEN Two-Speed Cordless Rotary Tool, you’ll have the same power and precision as other rotary tools without the hassle of the cord. Remove rust from rusty stuff. Trim your dog’s toenails. Engrave beautiful images into your neighbor’s windows while they’re vacationing in Rome. With the WEN Rotary Tool the possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination and federal law. Powered by four AA batteries (not included), the two-speed operation goes from 7,000 to 14,000 RPM. Accessories include two sanding bands, two grinding stone bits, two diamond-coated bits, a collet (1/8”), a sanding drum mandrel, a nylon wire brush, a HSS cutter, and a 2-in-1 wrench. The WEN Cordless Rotary Tool helps with everything from fun arts and crafts projects to more serious tasks like cutting drywall or polishing your fancy cufflinks. The lightweight 0.6-pound tool limits fatigue during operation, allowing users to carve small and complex designs into glass, plastic, wood, steel and more. And, because this is a WEN Product, your Two-Speed Cordless Rotary Tool comes backed by a two-year warranty, a friendly customer service line, and a stocked inventory of replacement parts. Carve, cut, grind, deburr, engrave, shape, drill, polish and other verbs all with the WEN Rotary Tool Kit. Remember when you could use your rotary tool wherever you wanted? Remember WEN.

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