WEN CH15 6-Piece 16-to-22-Inch Artisan Chisel Set with High-Speed Steel Blades and Domestic Ash Handles

  • Form-fitted 10-to-12 inch handles crafted from domestic ash wood
  • High-speed 6-to-9-inch steel blades sturdy enough to handle tough chiseling jobs
  • Includes a roughing gouge, two spindle gouges, an oval skew, a round-nose scraper and a diamond parting tool
  • Wooden carrying case makes for easy storage and transportation between jobs
  • The perfect companion for the WEN Wood Lathe series
Remember when you could carve table legs, baseball bats, pens, chess pieces and more? The ergonomically-crafted WEN 6-Piece Chisel Set includes form-fitted wooden handles for comfortable carving and high-speed steel blades to take on even the toughest of workpieces. This package includes a 1/2-inch spindle gouge (9-inch blade, 13-3/8-inch handle), a 1-inch oval skew (6-1/2-inch blade, 11-3/4 inch handle), a 1-inch roughing gouge (6-1/2-inch blade, 11-3/4-inch handle), a 3/4-inch round nose scraper (6-1/2-inch blade, 10-inch handle), a 3/16 by 3/4-inch diamond parting tool (6-1/2-inch blade, 10-inch handle), and a 1/2-inch spindle gouge (6-1/2-inch blade, 10-inch handle). Each chisel has a handle made from domestic ash wood and can be stored between jobs with the included wooden carrying case.

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