WEN R4288 Cast Iron Bench Grinder Pedestal Stand with Water Pot (Manufacturer Refurbished)

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Reconditioned items are refurbished by the manufacturer and are guaranteed to be free from operational defects. 
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As all woodworkers know, a bench grinder on a normal work surface often times jostles and skews the other items in a work area due to heavy vibrations created by the grinder. The WEN Bench Grinder Pedestal Stand resolves this issue by providing an independent surface for you to attach your tool. The heavy cast iron and steel design limits vibration while providing a sturdy 31.5 inch pedestal for your grinder to rest on. The stand includes a water pot for quenching workpieces and a reliable three-legged design with bolt holes for fastening your stand to the floor.The 9.9- by 12.4-inch cast-iron top is provided with slots and holes for securely mounting your bench grinder to the stand. This pedestal was originally designed to accommodate the WEN 6-inch Bench Grinder and the WEN 8-Inch Slow Speed Bench Grinder, but it also fits the majority of other brands and sizes. 
- Heavy-duty cast iron construction prevents walking and wobbling during operation
- 9.9-inch by 12.4-inch steel mounting plate accommodates a variety of bolt orientations
- Measures in at 31.5 inch height with an onboard water pot to cool down projects
- Designed to fit all WEN Bench Grinders

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