WEN 94810 10-Amp 7-Inch Variable Speed Polisher and Power Sander with Digital Readout

Remember when the surfaces in your life shined like new? Take on cars, boats, planes, countertops, metal, concrete, granite and more with the WEN 10-Amp 7-Inch Variable Speed Polisher with Digital Readout. This 7-inch professional waxer provides users anywhere from 1000 to 3500 rotations per minute in increments of 100 RPM. The variable speed allows you to tackle finishing, compounding, waxing, polishing, buffing, deoxidizing and heavy correction work all with one machine. The onboard screen displays the current speed to help users know their exact RPM while the hook-and-loop base makes switching polishing pads easier than ever. The 10-amp motor provides the reliability and power required by the professional and specialty car communities. This 7-Inch waxer also includes a reversible side handle to accommodate both right and left-handed users, a hook & loop polishing bad, a hook & loop foam pad, a hook & loop sanding pad, and a polishing towel. In need of a sander? Simply swap the bonnet out for a piece of 7-inch circular sandpaper for quick and easy material removal. And because it is a WEN Product, the WEN 10-Amp 7-Inch Variable Speed Polisher is backed by a two year warranty, a warehouse full of spare replacement parts, and a friendly customer support phone line. Your vehicles have been good to you. It's about time to be good back. Remember when your car was the talk of the town? Remember WEN.
- Variable speed goes from 1000 to 3500 rotations per minute in increments of 100 RPM
- Hook-and-loop base pad makes for easy installation and removal of bonnets, pads, and sandpaper
- Onboard digital readout displays the current RPM for accuracy and precision
- Perfect for polishing, finishing, compounding, waxing, buffing, deoxidizing, and even sanding
- Includes a reversible side handle, a polishing pad, a sanding pad, a foam pad, a polishing towel, and a two-year warranty

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