WEN 10725 Standard and Metric Digital Micrometer with 0 to 1-Inch Range, .00005-Inch Accuracy, LCD Readout and Storage Case

Remember when you could measure the slightest imperfections? Maximize accuracy with the WEN Caliper-Style Screw Gauge Micrometer. The large onboard LCD readout prominently displays measurements from 0 to 1 inches in size. Switch between metric and imperial units with the simple push of a button, going from a resolution of .00005 inches to .001 mm. The carbide-tipped anvil and spindle (6.5 mm diameter) provide both incremental and absolute measurements while the ratchet and thimble allow for either quick or fine-tune adjustments. Pop on the included ball bearing tip (4.5 mm diameter) to maximize accuracy when measuring rounded or uneven subjects. The hard-bodied storage case keeps your micrometer protected from dust and contaminants while the extra CR2032 battery provides replacement power for your digital LCD readout. And, because its a WEN product, your caliper-style screw gauge micrometer comes backed by a two-year warranty and a friendly customer help line, all to make sure you remember WEN.
- Perfect for applications in metrology, machining and engineering
- Large LCD readout prominently displays measurements from 0 to 1 inches (0 to 25 mm)
- Maximize accuracy with a resolution of either .00005 inches or .001 mm
- Switch between imperial/metric units and absolute/relative measuring modes
- Includes a hard-bodied carrying case, an extra CR2032 replacement battery, a lockable carbide-tipped spindle, a direct USB SPC output connection port, a ball-bearing attachment tip, and a two-year warranty

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