WEN 230282A 282-Piece Rotary Tool Accessory Kit with Carrying Case

  • Features 282 accessories for sanding, carving, deburring, cutting, drilling, grinding, polishing, engraving, as well as many other verbs
  • Wire-bristled brushes work great for rust removal, paint stripping, pumpkin carving, and more
  • Grinding discs and bits perfect for sharpening knives or trimming dog toe nails
  • Includes diamond-coated metal bits, HSS cutters, sanding discs, cutting discs, spindle sanding bands, buffing wheels, drill bits, polishing paste and more
  • Compatible with the WEN rotary tools, as well as any other rotary tool that accepts bits with 1/8-inch shanks
Remember when you had the perfect companion for your WEN Rotary Tool? Grind, polish, cut, engrave, carve, sand and a bunch of other verbs all with the WEN 282-Piece Rotary Tool Accessory Kit. This assortment of bits, discs, brushes, drills and bands comes in an easy-to-organize carrying case, complete with onboard storage slots for each individual bit. Although this kit was created with the WEN rotary tool series in mind, the 1/8-inch shanks allow for compatibility with the majority of rotary tools on the market. This package includes 3 brass brushes, 3 bristle brushes, 3 stainless steel brushes, 10 diamond-coated bits, 6 silicon-carbide grinding discs, 6 aluminum-oxide grinding discs, 6 fiberglass cut-off wheels, 4 silicon-carbide grinding discs with shanks, 6 aluminum-oxide grinding discs with shanks, 6 high-speed drill bits, 3 high-speed cutters, 3 mandrels for cut-off wheels, a mandrel for felt wheels, 7 felt wheels, 32 spindle sanding bands, a rubber grinding wheel, 60 sandpapers, 2 sanding shanks, 80 cut-off wheels, 30 heavy-duty cut-off wheels, 4 collets (2 1/8, 3/32, 1/16), a diamond-cutting disc, a flap wheel, a dressing stone, a wrench, a cloth wheel, and a bottle of polishing compound. Remember when you could take on a variety of projects all with one accessory kit? Remember WEN.

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