WEN BL1024C Apex 10-Inch 24-Tooth Carbide-Tipped Multi-Material Industrial-Grade Framing Saw Blade with Cool-Cut Coating

  • The WEN Apex series provides industrial-grade laser-cut saw blades made from premium high carbon steel
  • Non-abrasive Cool-Cut Coating minimizes friction and prevents workpiece burns
  • Features a 10-inch diameter (254 mm), a 5/8-inch arbor (15.88 mm), and a 1/10-inch kerf (2.4 mm)
  • Rated for speeds up to 4500 RPM
  • Designed with 24 ATB carbide-tipped teeth for multi-material framing
Remember when you had a blade that lasted? Treat your saw right with an industrial-grade Apex blade from WEN. The WEN Apex series provides high-end saw blades made from premium high carbon steel for reliable performance and a longer lifespan. Each blade is equipped with Cool-Cut Coating; this abrasion-resistant, non-stick PTFE layer helps minimize friction, prevent workpiece burns, and limit tearout. Alternate top bevel (ATB) machine-cut C4-grade carbide-tipped teeth provide alternating teeth angles that cut workpieces cleanly. The 10-inch diameter combined with the 5/8-inch arbor allows for compatibility with the majority of 10-inch miter saws, jobsite saws, and table saws on the market. This lightweight, ultra-thin blade provides maximum efficiency during operation, leaving behind a kerf a mere 1/10 of an inch wide (2.4 mm). It’s time to get the cut you deserve with a WEN Apex Saw Blade. Remember when you had a blade you could rely on? Remember WEN.