WEN PM01 Wooden Lathe Pen-Turning MT1 Mandrel

Remember when you could turn your own pens? The WEN Wood Lathe Pen-Turning MT1 Mandrel allows users to take on small and intricate woodturning projects. The self-centering mandrel attaches easily to an MT1 tail and headstock with the shaft running through the hollow live center of the pen's body. This mandrel features five bushings, a 7mm diameter shaft, and a tapered morse to maximize compatibility. The universal design fits with the majority of MT1 wood lathes on the market, but was designed specifically for the WEN 3420 8-by-12-Inch Wood Lathe. Remember when you could easily adjust the length and tightness of your pen-turning mandrel? Remember WEN.
- Tapered morse maximizes compatibility with most MT1 wood lathes
- Turn pens, pencils and more
- 1/4-inch diameter shaft (7mm) runs through the center of the workpiece
- Designed to fit the WEN 3420 8-by-12-Inch Variable Speed Wood Lathe
- Includes 5 slimline spacer bushings

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